This Organ soon to be completed and now for sale.

2 Manual Portativ with 56 notes, attached 30 note pedalboard and music bench. Case is constructed of solid oak and can be stained to match a sample provided by purchaser.

Manual keyboards are with Rosewood naturals. Sharps are Rosewood with Mammoth covering.

The dimensions of the organ case is 31" X 68" X 95-1/2" . This allows it to fit under a standard 8' ceiling found in most homes.

The organ is constructed of all new materials with the latest construction techniques.

The  specifications are;

              Manual I

              Gedeckt 8'

              Principal 4'

              Octave 2'



              Manual II

              Rohrflote 8'

              Spitzflote 4'





              Optional Gedeckt 16'          





For information on purchasing this organ, or one like please call

Keates-Geissler Pipe Organs