High quality in modern and conventional materials, plus experience gained in manufacturing and servicing all types of organs in North America, with its wide variations in climatic conditions, combine to provide fast, quiet response to the action, coupled with reliability and long life. Organs are manufactured in our factory by craftsmen of skill and experience.

Some of the features of Keates-Geissler organs are:
1. Sterling silver contacting, requiring only one pair of contacts per key for     electronic switching.
2. Electro-pneumatic windchests with pitman action, including unique     Keates-Geissler features to overcome the effects of extremes in     temperature and humidity.
3. Only kiln-dried select and better lumber grown on this continent is used     in construction, with steel framing being specified in some instances.
4. Highest quality sheepskin is used where leather is required.
5. Blowers are imported and well constructed for quiet operation and     compactness often allowing the blower to be installed within the organ.
6. Rectifiers of adequate capacity are installed and fitted with taps for low     voltage current adjustments.

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Console & Electrical

Pipe & Tonal Finishing

Tracker Organs

Chimes & Tower Amplification
Chimes for the organ, as well as electronic carillons for outdoor amplification including service after installation, are also available. Contact us for description literature and prices.